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The journey of the Bangla folk band BAULA

Promising Bangladeshi folk band BAULA holds Bangla folk music across various genres close to their heart as an artistic expression. The band’s musical repertoire includes baul, bhatiali, murshidi and marfati.

Folk music is the simplest form of expression of diverse melodies that delineate emotion and feelings of joys and sorrows of the common people. But in recent times, the purity of Bangla folk music is waning, which the band actively works on changing, according to Prokash Banik, the main vocalist of the band.

BAULA made its first public appearance on April 13, 2013 with their maiden performance at Bakul Tola of Charukala (Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka).

Two young artists — Prokash Banik and Biplob Mrinal are the vocalists of the band. Prokash completed his BFA and MFA from the Institute of Fine Arts of Dhaka University while Biplob Mrinal has the similar degrees from the Institute of Fine Arts of Chittagong University.

Biplob Mrinal is currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Prokash is the main vocalist while Joy Sinha, an A Level student, is also a singer and guitarist. Shayonto, an engineer by profession, is the flutist and also a singer. The present line-up of BAUA also includes Nayan, (bass guitar) and Biplob Sharma (percussion).

The band has successfully touched the hearts of many Bangla folk music lovers both at home and abroad. Biplob is behind the creation of the music videos of BAULA that is set to touch the hearts of the viewers. The band wants to continue their journey towards folk music, and maintaining the essence of our heritage.

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