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A smart investment

Breastfeeding is not a one-woman job. Mothers need support from their health providers, families, employers, communities, and governments to give their children the healthiest possible start to life. Breastfeeding protects children from illness, increases IQ, and creates a strong bond between mother and child.

Increased rates of breastfeeding also reduce inequalities and nurture economies by producing a stronger, more able workforce and by lowering healthcare costs. Nations are not adequately protecting, promoting, or supporting breastfeeding, according to the Global Breastfeeding Scorecard, which evaluated 194 countries.

For example, Bangladesh still needs to improve on enabling environment for breast feeding along with ensuring births in baby friendly hospitals and maternity centres.

World Health Organisation (WHO) calls on countries to implement policies and programmes to encourage breastfeeding, such as paid family leave and workplace breastfeeding policies.

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